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A very belated new year’s greetings…

Hello everyone, this is YANG HYUN SUK.

 I get an opportunity to send you greetings in writing about once a year.

 And as this is a rare chance, I would like to share my thoughts with you on some of the things that had my mind reeling, while also delivering news on YG artists in 2014.

 2014 is expected to be a more important year than any other ones for YG. To put it bluntly, 2014 is like a year of big gamble that will determine the next 10 years of this entertainment agency.

 Not only is it a year where YG’s main artists PSY, BIGBANG and 2NE1 are releasing albums for the first time in a while, but it is also a year where sensational four new groups of YG will be unveiled, after a very long period of preparing and training.

 It takes YG several years to produce an album for the existing artists, and they’re unveiling four new groups? Four?

 I agree that this is not an easy task, so I choose to use the word “challenge.” And since it’s also risky, I say this is a “gamble” for us, but we are determined to achieve the goal.

 And the only way to reach the goal is to produce good music.

 This calls for maximizing the talents of YG artists with composing and writing skills, as well as more than ten YG composers. In order to do this, we expanded our music studio, recording and dance training rooms for the last few months, while also arranging meetings with foreign music producers for active collaboration.

 Now to the main news. I would like to tell you all the details of what is happening to the YG artists.

 Since there’s a lot to say, I would like to make it into a brief Q&A form, keeping in mind some questions you would have.

Thank you for your understanding.

Of the 2014 list, which YG artist is the first in line?

 Is it because we had fans waiting for too long? Just hearing the name 2NE1 makes our hearts throb. People who are not familiar with the details might think I am overreacting when I say  this,  but I do so because 2NE1, who made a debut 6 years ago, will be unveiling a full album with many new songs for the very first time.  To be more precise, 2NE1 released their first album 4 years ago in September 2010, but it was an album with just a few new songs added to the previous single soundtracks. So this is the first time in 6 years for the divas to be unveiling an album full of new songs.

 When is 2NE1’s 2nd full album release?

 2NE1’s second full album will be released at 12 am on February 25th (Monday midnight going to Tuesday) on online music sites. The album will go on sale offline the following week. The music video (MV) of 2NE1’s latest title song, which is an MV with the largest budget for the group, requires high level of computer graphic work. So a teaser video will be unveiled first on February 24th, and then a completed version on February 28th. 2NE1’s new songs will be presented for the first time at their Seoul concert on March 1st and 2nd.

 What should we be looking for in this album? 

The part that you have to really look at in 2NE1’s new album is that CL, the leader, included whopping 3 songs that are self-written and composed for the first time in her life. You are the ones to judge the quality of her music. But when I first listened to CL’s very own song, the one word that described my feeling was “surprised.” Which is only natural, because I have known CL for 8 years and I never expected her to produce a song like this, and the song was too good to be her very first one. CL is one of the very few South Korean female rappers who is known for her charismatic performance and outstanding fashion sense, and I am sure creating her own song will act as a foothold for CL to take another leap forward. I can tell that this will bring big changes to 2NE1’s future music, while also lighting a positive sign for CL to produce her own solo album.

 More details of this album?

2NE1’s 2nd full album is titled “CRUSH,” which means “break” or “destroy,” but could also be used when saying “having a crush on someone.” Since this is the first album in many years, rather than focusing on the structural aspect of the album, we put more thoughts and effort into choosing every single soundtrack, as though every one of them is the title song.

2NE1’s 2nd album <CRUSH> will be comprised of a total of 10 songs.

Apart from one track that was released in Japan, and is translated back into Korean, the rest will be new songs.

 What are the plans for 2NE1 this year?

I also thought it unfortunate that 2NE1 had only a few opportunities to carry out music activities in the past, so I would like to make a promise here that 2NE1 will continuously perform their new songs throughout the year in 2014. The long preparation time means there are many songs besides the ones included in the 2nd full album, so other members’ solo songs initially planned to be included in the latest album are currently put aside for the next album.  And as we expect CL to be more actively writing and composing, there should be no problem in releasing 2NE1’s next album and CL’s new solo album before this year ends.

PS: Correction on 2NE1’s After Party of their concert. 

 I received a brief report that 2NE1’s members and the staffers want to hold an after party at a club after their concert. The published announcement, however, was different to what I had in mind, so I would like to make some corrections on the issue. 2NE1’s after party will be held only once after the concert finishes on March 2nd, and we announced that ticket holders of at least one of the 2-day Seoul concerts will be able to enter free of charge. However, we would like to note in advance that the club party will be held in a first-come-first-served basis, thus if the number exceeds the maximum, guests may be required to wait or may not be allowed to enter. As this club party is organized in celebration of 2NE1’s second World Tour and their 2nd full album in many years, we hope that this event will provide 2NE1 and the fans with an unforgettable memory.

Further details on 2NE1’s title song and the track lists will be announced in separate notices in the near future.

I will be back with more news soon.

Thank you.

2014. 2. 13.  FROM YG

Sumber : YG Family

[PART 2]

So, continuing with the news on 2NE1.

 We have urgently postponed 2NE1’s 2nd album release date from the original schedule of 12am on February 24th  to 12am on February 26th <which is 0 hour of February 27th>. The offline album will be released on March 7th as planned.

 The reason for the urgent change of date is to release the album on a more special day instead, as CL’s birthday falls on February 26th, especially because whopping three songs composed and written by CL for the first time are included in the 2nd album. I ask for your generosity and understanding for the change.

Details on 2NE1’s titles song?

 As this is the first full album released for the first time after several years, we are ambitious to showcase as many songs as we can, but since we are at a point where careful selection and focus are required, we chose two songs for double title songs.

 2NE1’s first title song is “COME BACK HOME.” Many of you would be reminded of the mega-hit “COME BACK HOME” released by Seotaeji and Boys in 1995, but 2NE1’s upcoming track is a completely different, filled with melody and lyrics about yearning for the long-gone lover.  This is a joint work of YG’s main producer TEDDY and other producers, which encompasses a crossover mixture of R&B, reggae and hip-hop.

The noteworthy feature of the 2nd album is the unplugged version of “COME BACK HOME.”

The two different versions are greatly different from each other, so we produced two music videos for both songs, which will be released on February 28th simultaneously.

The second title song “GOTTA BE YOU”, a joint work by YG’s producers TEDDY and PK, is a fast-paced song that leaves an impact through MINZY and BOM’s powerful cry of “Gotta Be You.”  We made the decision to make this the second title song as it has an impression of mainstream taste.

How many music videos will be produced for the 2nd album?

 A total of four music videos will be showcased this time. As mentioned earlier, the two versions of “COME BACK HOME” music videos will be released simultaneously on February 28th, and the other double title song “GOTTA BE YOU” will come next, and the music video of a song titled “HAPPY” filmed in the U.S. will follow.

 The track list of 2NE1’s 2nd album will be released today at 10pm.

 This is all I have for 2NE1’s album, and I will be back with information on YG’s new groups that will be revealed this year.

Thank you.

 2014. 2. 19. FROM YG

Sumber : YG Family


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